The brand concept is based on the dichotomy between solidity, experience and loyalty, which can be seen in the font quality, dynamism, speed and loyalty evoked by the brand’s visual elements.

Brand shown:

The logo is coupled with a stylised and recognisable graphic symbol (a stork):
Recreating a brand icon
To become a brand icon
Indeed, a symbol that offers
An emotional appeal facilitates the emergence of a brand (competitive edge)


Associated / patronymic naming.

Associated naming involves commonly used words that indicate a semantic world shared by one’s imagination collective (group). Patronymic naming refers to a brand that bears the name of one or more people (B in Beretti).


The focus of this payoff plays with the sound of the two words “wear” and “where”.
Besides the primary verb, “wear” is also an uncountable noun meaning “dress, garment or clothing”. Therefore, this plays on the homophony and homology with the word “where”, as the company aims to position itself as a market leader across the globe, that is to say, “everywhere”. In the logistics sector, which involves the distribution and handling of goods, the “where” is particularly relevant.


Red is the colour that represents energy, passion, optimism, excitement, dynamism and optimism.
Red is an emotionally intense colour with high visibility.
Blue is one of the most used colours in trademarks.
It is a corporate colour preferred by men and connotes high accuracy.
It symbolises truth, intelligence, recognition, wisdom, loyalty, spotless reputation, as well as cool-mindedness.



The symbol is a stylised stork, which is not a bird of prey but gives the idea of ​​trust and confidence.
It takes on a special meaning:
-In Italy: the stork is the bearer of birth. It is a bird that looks after and carries things.
-In China: it means loyalty, the male remains faithful to his female partner until her death.
Moreover, it is said that when the queen of the immortals leaves the palace on jade mountain to descend upon the earth, she is surrounded by a large entourage: among the lesser gods around her, there is a blue stork. Its stylisation in rigid shapes connotes innovation
-At the same time, the kinetic lines of the “B” redefine the circle and give the impression of speed.



The slanting font emphasises the concept of speed and innovation, while the use of bold represents the company’s solidity and reassurance towards customers.
The font used is “futura”. This is a slightly modified bastion font with rounded edges to give it a dynamic yet soft appearance, as well as a contemporary design. The font used for the payoff is “gotham italic”, which is also a bastion font.
Given its essential style, it ensures good readability even when greatly reduced in size.