19 Oct Kooomo becomes glocal in Southeast Asia through BGroup partnership

“Bgroup is proud to announce the partnership with Kooomo, a collaborative international eCommerce platform ideally suited for top fashion&luxury brands who want to enter the world of online shopping on an international level.



Kooomo offers a highly customisable eCommerce platform that is suitable for all types of operations on any market in the world, using the omni-channel approach to allow combining of online and offline resources on an unprecedented level.

The omni-channel model impacts every aspects of the supply chain – products, inventory, warehouses, fulfilment, picking, packing, distribution, and the all-important information flows.

Omni-channel retail is all about providing a seamless shopping experience for the customer on the front end – irrespective of which channel is used for shopping. When combined together with full integration across multiple channels on the back-end – through the fulfilment, logistics, delivery and return process – this becomes the omni-channel supply chain. This seamless integration features in the omni-channel world is resulting in converge of what previously were clearly segregated roles of retailer, an ecommerce business and the logistics service provider.


Bgroup and Kooomo are confident that they can provide together a service that will enable any fashion&luxury brands the opportunity to offer a seamless omni-channel experiences to their customers around Asia.

In case you have any additional questions, feel free to contact one of our office https://www.bgrouplogistic.com/en/bgroup-worldwide/.
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