Relax, sit back and let the experts manage your goods!

Bgroup is pleased to announce, in partnership with Codetex, the new project “Fashion Alliance”.

Codetex, leader in the business of quality control of raw materials, and BGroup partnered up to offer services to their clients throughout the entire supply chain in any location in the world. This partnership enables both companies to focus on its peculiar skills and competences while joining forces that create profitable synergies.

Moreover, the cooperation between the parties with more than 40 years of experience in their own industry, grants the best technology and expertise to be offered to the clients on top of an excellent service:

  • Quality control of yarn, fabrics (raw and finished), all types of materials (operating procedures, standards and technical sheets according to client requirements);
  • Chemical and physical tests carried out in specialized laboratories;
  • Operations and services supported by advanced computer technology and highly skilled IT staff.

In a single hub, our client can store and control yarn, fabrics, accessories and finished products, thus optimizing the logistics, the delivery and the processing time, being able to monitor and store all data in a single computer system.