BGroup is working on the expansion of the already existing warehouses in Vietnam, in order to meet the growing demand of our Clients. BGroup currently has two logistic facilities in the country, one in Hanoi and one in Ho Chi Minh.

Our Hanoi facility, in operation since July 2015, is located precisely in Ke Village, Minh Duc Ward, Viet Yen District – Bac Giang, about 45 km from the city centre. It is well connected to Hanoi and to Noi Bai airport by an efficient network of roads and highways.

The facility has an area of 2.000 sqm, which will be more than doubled by the end of this year.

This hub can offer significant value-added services along with our main logistic and quality control activities. In particular, we offer garments repairing, re-conditioning, ironing, needle detector inspections and packaging services. Starting from January 2017 BGroup will also handle the management of raw materials.

In Hanoi, as elsewhere, our warehouse is equipped with an IT server and a WMS system that interfaces with the clients’ different ERP.

The working place is structured so to guarantee an efficient and smooth flow of operations, within all the areas and more specifically: unloading, counting, stocking of goods to be inspected, quality control, packing, scanning area, counting and packaging, stocking of cartons to be shipped out.

The facility is built to face the peculiar climate conditions of the areain order to meet the European standards. It is masonry built, with a tiled planking level and an efficient system of drain pipes to prevent major flooding during the intense rainfalls. Moreover, it is equipped with the Dry Room, an efficient measure to prevent mould formation, and with a modern ventilation system, false ceiling and insulation, to ensure a comfortable stay inside the working areas even during the warmest months.

The facility is monitored and secured 24/7 by a CCTV system, both outside and inside the facility, and a fire preventing system.