On the 28th September 2016,  within the premises of the charming “Cantina Albinea Canali”, the partnership between BGroup and Codetex, the “Fashion Alliance” project, has been officially introduced to a VIP audience.

The project is an additional value-added service that the two companies, leaders in business of logistics and quality control of raw materials respectively, are now ready to offer to its clients.

Among the people who attended the event, several representatives of the major local fashion brand who had the chance to listen to the presentations of Bgroup and Codetex and the idea behind this innovative solution.

During the evening, the participants could learn more about the companies, their services and the solutions that this newly built synergy will bring to their businesses.

Bgroup and Codetex thank the “Cantina Albinea Canali” for opening up their facility and their guests for taking the time to spend few hours listening and contributing to the new partnership.

To learn more about project “Fashion Alliance”, read the article here.

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