Our Asia General Manager, Paolo Traisci, attended the annual event Asia e-Commerce Dialogue which was held at the Arts House, Singapore, on Tuesday, 17th January 2017.

The event was organized by Anchanto, the leading global e-Commerce selling and logistics platform, as an occasion to launch its new service Selluseller.com, a platform which will empower cross border e-Commerce and help online traders scale up across multiple sites.

The event agenda consisted of a top-level dialogue session with ecosystem thought leaders, well-known Asian marketplaces and industry players, investors and regulators. Topics ranged from which e-Commerce strategies brands and distributors are planning to adopt during 2017 to how logistics companies, marketplaces and 3PLs are responding to all challenges that cross-border selling and shipping come along with.

Speaking to an audience of more than 250 attendees, Paolo Traisci discussed how logistics companies are staying relevant in the age of e-Commerce. In the shoes of internal project leader for the partnership between BGroup and Anchanto, Mr. Traisci highlighted the critical role that logistics plays when it comes to designing and developing a cost-effective and highly performing omnichannel Supply Chain. Thanks to the partnership, BGroup will be implementing Anchanto’s e-Commerce Fulfillment and Warehouse Management SaaS platform across all its warehouses.

Taking part in this event represented also a valuable opportunity for BGroup to share  some insights into our Omnichannel experience and challenges, and increasing focus on the strategy adopted by BGroup.