23 Aug BGroup enters the Chinese e-Commerce market

As of 15th August, BGroup has entered the universe of Chinese e-Commerce. This step is just the beginning of an important series of investments that the company will undertake in the next few months.


As of 15th August, BGroup has officially entered the Chinese e-Commerce scene.

One of the Singaporean sellers of the Group, NIKKIE, has launched its own online store on the Chinese marketplace Tmall Global, part of the Alibaba Group. NIKKIE will be using BGroup warehouse in Hong Kong for all storage, warehousing operations, fulfilment and last-mile delivery activities to the Chinese consumers’ doorstep. Also, BGroup’s eWMS (provided by the partner Anchanto) is now directly interfaced to Tmall Global.

Tmall Global is the flagship platform of the Alibaba Group and rankes number one among all Chinese e-Commerce B2C retail websites.

This important achievement is just the beginning of further investments BGroup is undertaking within the Asian country’s e-Commerce scene. Over the next few months, BGroup will complete the integration to other Chinese online platforms and marketplaces such as MEI.com (the leading luxury flash-sale website backed by Alibaba), Tmall China and JD.com. Moreover, as it is through opening online stores on WeChat that an exponential number of foreign luxury brands is nowadays targeting their Chinese customers, BGroup’s eWMS will be also integrated to this primary messaging App at the end of November.


By becoming a player of this ecosystem, BGroup aims to increase its visibility into the Chinese market by reaching an increasingly broader and diverse audience.

The company will thus be able to provide its Asian sellers and clients with a transparent and continuous support. Underlying such an important investment is the determination to offer services of high-quality while remaining always competitive.