31 Oct The Omnichannel revolution of Little Baby

Little Baby arrives on the e-commerce scene with the support of BGroup’s Omnichannel service.


Since 2014, Little Baby has been the leader for the distribution and online sale of baby products in Singapore. Clothing and other products from international brands can be purchased at its 8 points of sale.

We are thrilled to accompany Little Baby in its growth toward the next frontier, e-commerce. A partnership that meets the needs of Little Baby to manage both on-and off-line sales.

Thanks to our Omnichannel service, Little Baby will be able to manage B2B and B2C inventory at the same time, therefore they can deal with different types of orders from the same inventory and in the same warehouse. In addition, our tried and true experience in logistics will enable them to ship goods worldwide.

We are currently operating with Little Baby in the Singapore market, guaranteeing the highest quality of service and customer experience.

The availability of products from one existing stock is managed through two different channels. The challenge will be to maintain the right level of stock for each SKU and the ideal frequency for restocking goods.

Among the objectives we have set, which we are working on through our partnership with Little Baby, are identifying the best way possible to assure data accuracy for the entire operating process and, finally, reaching the most efficient method to optimize distribution.


This is only the start of a course we expect will be full of partnerships, progress and innovative solutions to bring the success of the Omnichannel Service to the world of retail.