10 Nov The BGlobal project serving Liu Jo

Efficiency, savings, reliability. LiuJo chooses BGroup as their leading provider and signs a five-year contract.


Launched three years ago to support fashion brands in logistics optimization, the BGlobal project continues to serve the most important players in the market. The latest in chronological order is LiuJo, a historic BGroup client with an impressive production volume abroad, especially in Asia.

“A prestigious brand such as LiuJo joining our project is a source of pride for BGroup and proves that we are moving in the right direction: guaranteeing adequate support and the right means, in a sector that is increasingly more connected and in search of the best solution and the least time possible,” commented the CEO of BGroup.

Innovative technologies, customized offers and the highest quality control standards are only some of the strengths that distinguish the BGlobal project and confirm BGroup Logistics as a leader in the Fashion Logistics and Online Retail sector.

A further competitive edge is assured by the management and control processes of originating goods, guaranteeing you save money and time by eliminating bureaucracy, as well as the need for third-party service providers. And thanks to the innovative informatics tools for managing goods, clients are always updated in real time on the availability in stock and in transport.

However, the work to make BGlobal even more competitive is not finished: the BGroup headquarters is working to introduce a new operations phase, which allows subdividing the goods first based on the final destination.


Follow us toward the future of Retail: we are available to present the BGlobal project and design a tailor-made solution for your brand.

Info at: info@bgrouplogistics.com