13 Apr CADOGAN & BGroup together for global men’s fashion

Fashion e-commerce: the secret of success is in experience 


Talking about e-commerce in 2018 first of all means talking about experience. The era of the tout court product has come to an end. We are on the lookout for something new, personal and unique. The fashion world has met the web, and just like all the other sectors, it has simply changed.
Therefore, enter the digital boutiques, with their warehouses always stocked, as well as a greater selection joined with excellent client service and the possibility to return goods.

A pret a porter product could actually be defined as “tailor-made”, if you consider the emotional path the client takes during an online search to choose an article.

Consumers no longer simply buy an article, today an emotional and aspirational journey is created.

The first to understand this and adapt to the new context are obviously privileged when it comes to raising brand awareness and expanding their business. This complex evolution must be supported by an extremely efficient organization at each link in the chain, from the initial creativity to logistics.


Manufacturers and the entire fashion sector are experiencing a substantial transformation in their sales model and therefore in their approach to the end market.

The latest statistics and all the studies found online only confirm the unstoppable rise in online shopping in all markets.

The success of fashion and clothing e-commerce is tied to the change in consumer habits. Above all Millennials, who increasingly make more online purchases: to the point where a future free of physical points of sale is a prospect.
In addition, the first physical stores without personnel are being tested. Consumers can visit these stores for the experience and then purchase online in total security.
What makes the difference? Good value for money is obviously a key factor, however site credibility, the brand, an unrepeatable bargain and service reliability are taken into consideration. Finally, the difficulty of getting a product in other ways is fundamental.

Clients are no longer merely people who purchase, rather they become digital brand ambassadors, who have chosen among many to uniquely define their personalities.
From virtual personal shoppers to AI software for personal recommendation technology, the future of online retail seems to be focused on the recurrent search for an increasingly more made-to-measure customer experience. The material essence of the product is expressed in a new digital sensorial experience.


[Photo Credits: www.cadoganworld.com]


This is the mission of CADOGAN, a brand founded in Singapore in 2016, which aims to pass the limits of ready to wear clothing in order to redefine casual men’s fashion worldwide.
The line meets the needs of consumers who want to create their own personal brand in a unique, singular and inimitable way. Through clothing that can be worn in different seasons, made with high-quality innovative materials, yet at the same time with a minimal and elegant style, designed to build total confidence between the brand and the client, a new sense of sexy masculinity that is always attentive to the last detail.

The company headquarters is in Singapore, while the showroom is located in Los Angeles, for a dynamic and global dialogue between east and west, by now an absolute must. In November 2017, the collection “Only The Bold” was officially launched.

Building a successful business in the e-commerce universe requires an organization that is extremely attentive to each link in the chain, from the product to the final consumer.

BGroup, partner of the CADOGAN e-commerce project, is a logistics leader specialized in e-commerce and fashion and deals with quality control of the product and packaging, labelling, transport, export procedures, B2B and B2C. Like a modern digital tailor, BGroup follows all aspects of the Cadogan project, from designing the clothing to the end client, optimizing each step in between as best as possible. In fact, new opportunities tied to logistics and cost reduction in shipping helped make e-commerce grow exponentially in the fashion sector.

CADOGAN is the first global client of BGroup following the launch of the innovative Anchanto system (Saas platform developed for transport in the fashion sector).

A challenge that sets no limits in conquering a broader market, without national borders.


By Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti