28 May BGroup’s mission in step with today’s trends

BGroup Logistics is a leader in the logistics sector for companies in the textile/clothing and luxury sectors, but above all it is an Italian company that has understood the potential of Southeast Asia and has decided to set up some of its main headquarters there in order to boost its business and create a network of important contacts in different markets.

Our CEO, Gianmaria Beretti, wanted to share something more about BGroup, its mission, but also about the emerging trends in the fashion retail sector.


Press: What distinguishes the Italian hub from the Asian ones?

Gianmaria: The hubs in Asia are much more dynamic and faster. It’s worth mentioning that unlike western hubs there is more loyalty but much less flexibility!


Press: What are the most attractive markets for your business?

Gianmaria: As shown by the Global Retail Development Index 2017, the top 5 most dynamic countries in large-scale distribution include China, Malaysia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and India. These territories have enormous potential; in fact, BGroup is emerging and even growing in some of them, finding fertile ground for implementing new services and solutions.


Press: Since last year, you have been aiming to open up to Australia. What kind of response have you had?

Gianmaria: Excellent. The Australian brands are looking for new opportunities to expand outside their own territory. It is a rapidly growing market: since February, retail sales have increased by 0.6%, double the forecast.


Press: You work with brands known worldwide, but also with small local ones. What do they rely on you for?

Gianmaria: Both the more famous brands and the small-medium companies that rely on BGroup are guaranteed a human relationship that is not always possible to find with large groups. This approach allows us to build a tailor-made service for each and every client.


Press: Omnichannel is presented as a more efficient approach in terms of costs and management time and BGroup is betting a lot on it. How are the various markets reacting to this “revolution”?

Gianmaria: Our clients are starting to warm up to the idea of omni-channelism. Some of them have already put in place business strategies in this regard, but still a small part. However, I believe that in about three years the majority of brands will have moved to an omnichannel management.


Press: How has the e-commerce boom affected your original core business, that is logistics?

Gianmaria: For BGroup 2017 was definitely a positive year on the e-commerce front, in fact, today it already represents 15% of turnover.


Press: Lately there has been a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence supporting physical points of sale. How do you feel about digital innovation in the retail sector?

Gianmaria: According to some research, by 2020 the main player in retail sales management will be AI. Therefore, I believe that digitalization is a mandatory step for brands nowadays. Digital innovation joined with high-level services will be the future of retail.


Press: Is your system adaptable to any type of context? For example, are the wine, food or design sectors paths you could take?

Gianmaria: We are specialized in luxury and we want to keep this identity. I don’t have much faith in companies that do everything. Everyone must work on their core business and become leaders, a point of reference, in that field.


Press: Which values have led BGroup to grow consistently since it was founded?

Gianmaria: The tailor-made service, clients always at the center, the innovation and passion the team puts into all the projects and processes.


Press: In three words, what makes BGroup stand out from competitors?

Gianmaria: Tailor-made. Passion. Speed.