11 May The future of B2B is digital

Europe – China: the case history of BGroup for The IPS



B2B is increasingly online: millions of companies worldwide are using vertical marketplaces on the web to contact new clients, look for less expensive or more specialized suppliers and find new commercial partners.

In this new scenario, the battle for companies is exclusively fought online, through collector platforms that are able, through a widespread series of services, to introduce western brands to the immense Asian market.

Yet digital transformation is an obstacle course with progress and challenges that must be faced. Some organizations are ready for the change, others have already internalized it and others still do not know they have to take it on.

Even the fashion world is adapting to the future of digital by trying to interact with all the players in the chain: from small manufacturing companies to commercial firms, from artisans to international designer brands, from stylists to service providers, from fashionistas to distributors.

Today the most important player for Italian and European fashion is China: Chinese economic policy is opening up to international markets after years of focusing on its own internal resources. The incredible growth started in the 1980s, after a necessary slowdown over the last few years, could bring new lifeblood with this maneuver and soar in the charts. In fact, just recently after having reached the United States at the top of the charts of major exporters, China is rapidly catching up with the US as a major importer.

Among the main international trade partners is Italy, which last year saw a 10% increase in fashion companies.
This context of rapid change with a wealth of opportunities gave rise to The IPS (“Intimates + Professional + Service”).

The project kicked off in Shanghai in July 2017 and is developed through both an online and offline B2B sales platform.
This unique business provides the fashion industry dedicated to lingerie with a broad range of B2B services for international brands.
IPS is the ideal partner for brands that, for example, want to open (and then obviously manage) an online flagship store in the fertile Chinese market.

The IPS is the new online vertical marketplace dedicated to the international fashion system, which vertically focuses on lingerie, corsetry, body wear, loungewear, swimsuits and accessories. The platform allows companies and professionals in the lingerie sector to build new commercial relationships easily and quickly.

Completing the offer and the customer journey is an editorial project of digital content that joins an extremely smart look with the most interesting news in the sector, and, finally, an “Intimates Salon Event”, dedicated to the world of lingerie with an exclusive party and a trade show in Shanghai with over 300 partners.

In order to optimize such an ambitious and complex project each detail must be made more efficient. Until now, the digital transformation has been strongly assimilated into digital marketing concepts. In reality, the true challenge is rethinking the process of providing services through technology.

BGroup is the bridge of The IPS for import/export between Europa and China.

Specifically, the company supports the brands in order to meet each individual need: from international transport to customs authorizations, from translations and CIQ labeling to dealing with Chinese regulations being finalized.

Therefore, not only transport and storage services but also complete and reliable assistance during all the steps along the logistics and commercial journey.
A fundamental hand to save time and above all money.


The future of B2B is digital.




by Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti