At a time when competition in the fashion sector is fierce on all sides, the quality of products remains the most important distinction.

The Quality Control of laying and hanging garments and accessories consists of making sure the product complies with the requisites, performing all the tests and necessary measures to correct, restore, downgrade or return those products that do not meet the requisites expressed in the specifications. A high quality garment is a guarantee of success in the market.



That is the point of view of the Benetton Group, whose excellent products were the foundation of its first factory back in 1965. The company was founded in Ponzano Veneto, a town outside Treviso, by Luciano, Gilberto, Giuliana and Carlo Benetton. The same year its first store was inaugurated in Belluno. In 1969, the first store opened abroad in Paris and in 1974, the brand Sisley was acquired. In the late 1970s, the company already exported 60% of its production. In 1980, the first store opened in New York, on Madison Avenue, followed by Tokyo two years later.

Today the brand has two main lines: United Colors of Benetton for men, women and children and Sisley, a men’s and women’s line. The Group boasts corporate offices for the Asian market in India, in New Delhi, and in Hong Kong, which follow over 5000 stores in the most important markets.


The partner Benetton has chosen to manage its integrated logistics services is BGroup.


This collaboration, which kicked off in January 2018, is a completely innovative project, unprecedented in the world.



BGroup for Benetton is not limited to the usual final controls rather it extends its service to checking samples and following up production in terms of quality and advancement, monitoring and assuring delivery dates are respected.

Benetton production and Bgroup’s work are carried out in Cambodia. In the very near future the same service will be provided in other countries as well.


Cambodia’s history blends Asian and European influences, as the country was under French rule for 90 years (1863-1953). The economy of the country, which has a population of just under 16 million, is based on exports and in particular on textile and clothing manufacturing. The GDP is growing while inflation has been falling steadily since 2014. It can be considered one of the most open economies in all of Asia, and businesses are developing above all in the area around the capital Phnom Penh. In fact, the growth forecast for the country’s economy in 2018 is 6.9%.


Bgroup’s work in Cambodia for Benetton is looking after the client from the initial production phases up to the shipment of the finished products. Bgroup’s presence is complete and constant. Through daily meetings and direct contact with factories, it is able to anticipate and deal with any possible inconvenience.

First of all,  Bgroup defines a quality standard (which defects are critical, major, minor) and then directly checks the garments  from pre-production, carrying out inspections on the line and implementing corrective measures if necessary. Finally, it confirms quality by means of a final inspection.

The novelty of this collaboration lies in moving past the old concept of quality control, which was merely one final control.
Bgroup’s modus operandi applies the methodology of the constant control of all company processes. Garment inspection begins well before it leaves the production plant. The garment is tested and checked from its creation to packaging, and before it leaves the plant it has already been thoroughly examined by Bgroup’s staff in order to prevent any defect whatsoever.


A complete service with a unique and exclusive boss to answer to: quality.