Sewing labels, repairs, looped knitting, rhinestones, buttons and buttonholes.
Our knitters have thirty years of experience and carry out repairs by hand and machine, as well as looped knitting and embroidery, lace and sequin mending.

We are equipped for repositioning and repressing rhinestones and studs – with special ultrasound machines and presses – as well as rivets and press studs. We also have sewing machines to perform any type of work.


Our stations are equipped for chemical and steam stain removal, enabling us to eliminate a wide range of stains and dirt. We specialise in removing stains from silk fabric garments and in removing glues that are notoriously difficult to clean.

For these processes, we use specific chemicals and detergents for steam stain removal.
A new facility complete with laundry / drying to supplement our services.


We have steaming tables for ironing knitwear, mannequins and toppers for inflated ironing, steaming/vacuum vaporettes with Naomoto brushes and irons.

For large-scale processes, our equipment also includes Veit tunnels and bagging machines for hanging garments.


Our group has gained new specific operational skills by extending our services to a wider range of products. We are able to address a wide range of defects in garments and accessories, such as handbags, shoes and other leather goods which

undergo quality control. Restoration operations on defective products, including metal parts, may be carried out, as well as cleaning and sanitisation (mould removal).


We are well-recognised in the field for our professionalism and expertise. Indeed, it is not uncommon for customers without regular suppliers to come to us to perform specific repair work on garments, which have already been selected through a previous quality control stage and, therefore, only require the correction of defects such as stains

that are difficult to remove, invisible mending for “impossibly” fine knitwear, or repairs of extensive sequin embroidery.

We restore 40% of faulty batches deemed unrestorable.


Our team of skilled professionals are also able to go to the customer’s warehouse to perform on-site quality control and initial product restoration under the customer’s direct supervision.


The artisan culture underpinning our company has led us to develop solutions to our customers’ problems and needs. They often entrust us with their most “challenging” garments, safe in the knowledge that we will make every effort to restore or improve the quality of the products. Our strength lies in our flexibility to tailor services to meet our customers’ requirements.

We oversee the work performed at third-party companies should specialised machinery or expertise be required, such as for dyeing or printing. This provides the customer full supervision over such tasks, while freeing up their time to focus their resources on styling or marketing.
Relocation and market developments have led us to work mainly with purchasing garments, which must undergo strict checks and diversified restorations, given their wide range of potential defects.