All-round management of your Stock of Raw Materials in Italy and abroad. We take care of your garments from yarns, fabrics and accessories.

We know that producing quality garments requires quality fabrics. Our meticulous inspectors can check all kinds of fabrics to identify flaws and prevent wastage, production delays and defective garments.


Checking any change in colour between the centre and selvage

Extensive expertise in using inspection machines

Checking thread lines / angular deviations of the weave or fabric

Checking the movement test on certain types of fabric

Checking the usable / cuttable height with at least 7 measurements for each piece of woven fabric and at least 10 for knitted or elasticised fabric

Checking the stabilisation treatment when ironing using free steaming

Checking the non-drip, perspiration tests, etc.

Checking the fabrics

Checking that the colour matches the approved reference with an understanding of the VeriVide cabin

Checking the correct weight per square metre and/or linear metre

Measuring the pieces on machinery running with absolutely no tension

Checking colour shade uniformity and consistency between the beginning and end of the piece

Manually testing the colour fastness while rubbing, and colour fastness while using the crokmeter and respective greyscale